Lori and Peter’s Wedding at the Cuyahoga Courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio

by James ~ April 16th, 2014. Filed under: Cleveland Weddings, Weddings.

2014 is off to a fantastic start with Lori and Peter’s wedding at the old Cuyahoga County Courthouse in Downtown Cleveland.  Peter and I had a chance to chat a bit before the ceremony started, and as he described the differences between Lori and himself, I couldn’t help but think how similar it sounded to me and Genevieve.  The technically minded and somewhat introverted found the perfect match in an outgoing, free spirited creative.  I must say, it sounded familiar.

One thing that I have definitely found to be the case after photographing quite a few weddings is that people’s true characters come out when things don’t go as planned.  I think it’s safe to say that one element of the day (ahem, where are the musicians?) didn’t quite go as planned, but both Peter and Lori, even though they hadn’t seen each other yet, were able to handle it with far more poise and composure than I am sure many of us would be able to.  They were able to keep their eye on what was truly important about the day and they didn’t seem to let it bother them one bit once it was all settled.

One little highlight for us is that we got to play with some new architectural features that have appeared in Cleveland since last year.  We immediately recognized the opportunity for some interesting photographs when we saw these features pop up over the winter and it was great fun for us to get to explore them a bit.   I’m sure we’ll be back for more as the season progresses.

We’ll start it off with a selection of Genevieve’s favorite images with a few of mine to follow:



cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-02 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-03 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-04 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-05 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-06 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-07 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-08 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-09 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-10 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-11 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-12 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-13 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-14 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-15 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-16 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-17


And now some of my favorites:cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-18 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-19 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-20 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-21 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-22

As someone who is also constantly peering over top of my glasses, I just had to make this photo of Peter.


A little last minute vow cramming.cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-24 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-25 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-26 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-27 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-28 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-29 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-30 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-31 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-32 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-33 cuyahoga-county-courthouse-wedding-34

12 Responses to Lori and Peter’s Wedding at the Cuyahoga Courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio

  1. Anne Kuenzel

    WOW! What a beautiful bride. These photos are stunning. It looks like you had a picture perfect wedding! So happy for you.

  2. Terri S

    The photos are absolutely magnificent. They reflect you and Peter perfectly. You have special memories permanently captured. I love image #7—a candid shot showing your personality. The photos with your son are heartwarming. Bravo and Congratulations.

  3. Katie Pastor

    Incredibly beautiful. The balance between classical and modern architecture enhanced and complimented the loveliness of the couple. Fabulous!

  4. Gillian

    Beautiful!!! Looks like an amazing day!

  5. Jill Stefancin

    Lori, the photos are stunning –perhaps because of the subjects? :) You both look absolutely joyful! Looking forward to seeing all of them!

  6. Jaime Rocco

    Absolutely beautiful – Anne shared with me – I wish God’s abundant blessings upon you and Peter as you begin your new life together.
    All the best!

  7. Mary Anne

    WOW! These photos are absolutely stunning! Congratulations!

  8. Cathy Hongosh

    Such beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  9. Lynn Pecl

    Beautfiul pictures!

  10. Anne

    Gorgeous photos!! Love your dress. :)

  11. Jeff Anderson

    These really capture the emotion and spirit!

  12. Adrienne Russ

    What a beautiful day and amazing photos. You both look so happy. Congrats!

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