Julie and Bryan’s Wedding at the Botanical Gardens and MOCA

by James ~ October 24th, 2014

We recently had the privilege spending the day with two wonderful people and their families on what turned out to be an absolutely fantastic wedding day.  What started at a birthday party between Julie and Bryan two years ago hit a major milestone when they tied the knot At the Cleveland Botanical Garden followed by stunningly unique and beautiful reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art in University circle.

The white walls of the museum acted as a perfect canvas for the space themed reception.  The theme of space was right on point with Bryan’s involvement in the aerospace industry and Julie’s fascination sci-fi and all things space.  Guests got to dine and dance under beautiful projections of galaxies and other celestial bodies or pose in the photobooth with a Darth Vader mask and a light saber.

A big thanks goes out to Amy and her crew at At Last Events for helping Bryan and Julie realize their vision.

Congrats, guys!

We’ll start with some of Genevieve’s favorite images:


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Allison and Alex’ Wedding at the Club at Key Center

by Genevieve ~ October 17th, 2014

When Allison and Alex initially contacted us about their wedding and their vision of their big day, they used words like “downtown Cleveland”, “Mad Men inspired”, “black and white”, “French 75″ and “Velvet Tango Room”. So in essence they had us at hello. We were so looking forward to their wedding and it was everything and more that they had hoped for. Their sophisticated and classic wedding took us from the ceremony at St Patrick’s, through the streets of Ohio City, the Viaduct, the Flats and finally the party at the Club at Key Center. Their wedding was such a great representation of their personalities and love for each other.

Alex and Allison met in the most romantic of places: law school ;) They dated for a bit, took some time apart but realized they were meant for each other. I couldn’t agree more!

Congrats Allison and Alex! You two are truly beautiful people, inside and out. It was such a joy to be able to photograph your fabulous wedding and we look forward to seeing you again during your premiere.


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Amber and Greg’s Engagement Session in Tremont

by James ~ October 16th, 2014

Amber and Greg’s engagement session started off in the historic yet still ever changing neighborhood of Tremont, just across the river from Downtown Cleveland.  If you’ve never spent any time exploring around Tremont, it’s totally worth a trip.  The dining and shopping scene is pretty amazing.

The original plan was to make our way up to the GE chandelier hanging in Playhouse Square but we decided to take the scenic route to see if anything else caught our eye.  I’m glad we did because we hit some really cool spots along the way and it gave us some time to let the light dip to really let the chandelier pop.

Can’t wait until your wedding, guys!


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Lisa and Ryan’s Wedding at the Old Cleveland Courthouse

by James ~ October 9th, 2014

Just a few weekends ago, a couple of very busy medical doctors hit the pause button on the stresses of everyday life to celebrate their marriage with friends and family.  Ryan and Lisa’s beautifully appointed wedding took place in one of Cleveland’s most iconic spaces; The Old Courthouse on Lakeside Boulevard.

We met up with Ryan, Lisa, and their bridal party at the Downtown Marriott for the last minute wedding day preparations before setting out into the city for photos before the ceremony.  As you would expect in any downtown urban environment, you often run into some colorful characters in downtown Cleveland, and this day was no exception.  Only this time, one colorful character decided that he too wanted to be a part of the group photos and refused to leave when asked.  While we all stood there in utter disbelief, it was the limo driver who immediately stepped up and and firmly yet carefully removed him from the scene.

When the 25 to 30 mile per hours winds got to be just a bit too much, we made our way to the courthouse where the ceremony and reception took place.

A huge thanks goes out to Hannah and her team from Kirkbride Weddings for helping Ryan and Lisa pull off such a fun and gorgeous event.

Congratulations, Ryan and Lisa!  We had a great time with you guys on your wedding day and we’re excited to show you what we were able to create!

We’ll start with some of Genevieve’s favorites:


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Baby Oliver Comes Home

by Genevieve ~ October 8th, 2014

Erica and Max welcomed home their firstborn, a sweet boy named Oliver. Mom and dad already have a wonderful connection with their son. Isn’t it amazing how much of a bond a parent can have with their child from the moment you first set eyes on them? That closeness and love is of my favorite things to photograph!


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The Miller Family Portraits in Canton Ohio

by Genevieve ~ October 8th, 2014

I’ve gotten to know the Miller family through the mom. Her and I worked together in a kitchen store when I was starting off my photography business. I’m so glad she remembered me and was thrilled when she contacted me about doing their family portraits at their beautiful home in Canton.

This portrait session was significant because it’s the last one before both daughters were to get married and start their own family. I’m so glad I got to capture the initial 4 one last time. Now we’ll just need to plan another session that includes the new additions to the family.


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Marlena and Bryan’s Gervasi Vineyard Wedding

by Genevieve ~ October 3rd, 2014

Bryan had amazing foresight when he first saw Marlena some 10 years ago and he called dibs on her. Somehow even back then he knew they would be together. After both graduating from Ohio State University, their paths took them separate ways. Finally 5 years ago they reconnected and have become very close. While they are wonderfully sweet, kind and creative people each on their own, they are somehow stronger and better together.

Marlena and Bryan planned a simple, elegant and very intimate wedding at Gervasi Vineyard. With Bryan being part of the family business as a designer for Gervasi, it made for a logical choice for their wedding. When I say intimate wedding, I mean that the couple chose to skip having a bridal party all together and kept invitations to very close friends and family.  Intimate weddings are nice because you really do get to enjoy time with all your guests.

Bryan and Marlena: thank you so much for choosing us as your wedding photographers! We had such a wonderful time photographing you both from the engagement session in Columbus to the wedding day. I hope this isn’t the last we see of you. Congrats!

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Ron and Karen’s Wedding at the Cleveland Museum of Art

by James ~ September 26th, 2014

Ron and Karen’s wedding took place at what is fast becoming one of our favorite wedding venues in town; the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Having the opportunity to host such a significant life event as a wedding at a location with so much history, beauty, and culture is really an incredible thing.  But before we made it to the museum it was off to Lake Erie as the lake has always played a part of Karen’s life,  so we stopped by Voinovich Park so that the lake could be a part of the wedding day as well.  Even if it was dangerously close to the Browns stadium, something that Ron, a diehard Steelers fan, was able to overlook.  :)

The ceremony took place on the South terrace overlooking the lagoon where the trip down the aisle involves multiple sets of marble stairs and a close brush with Rodan’s Thinking Man sculpture.  This setting, topped off with floral arrangements by Neil Leeson, was absolutely perfect.  The reception afterwards was held at one end of the Atrium in a space sectioned off by the indoor greenery which greatly helped to make a very large space feel much more cozy and intimate.

A huge thanks are owed to Amy and Trisha of At Last Event Planning and Sheri from the museum for all their hard work to make this wedding such a success!


Congratulations, Ron and Karen!

Let’s start with some of Genevieve’s favorites:


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