Ron and Karen’s Wedding at the Cleveland Museum of Art

by James ~ September 26th, 2014

Ron and Karen’s wedding took place at what is fast becoming one of our favorite wedding venues in town; the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Having the opportunity to host such a significant life event as a wedding at a location with so much history, beauty, and culture is really an incredible thing.  But before we made it to the museum it was off to Lake Erie as the lake has always played a part of Karen’s life,  so we stopped by Voinovich Park so that the lake could be a part of the wedding day as well.  Even if it was dangerously close to the Browns stadium, something that Ron, a diehard Steelers fan, was able to overlook.  :)

The ceremony took place on the South terrace overlooking the lagoon where the trip down the aisle involves multiple sets of marble stairs and a close brush with Rodan’s Thinking Man sculpture.  This setting, topped off with floral arrangements by Neil Leeson, was absolutely perfect.  The reception afterwards was held at one end of the Atrium in a space sectioned off by the indoor greenery which greatly helped to make a very large space feel much more cozy and intimate.

A huge thanks are owed to Amy and Trisha of At Last Event Planning and Sheri from the museum for all their hard work to make this wedding such a success!


Congratulations, Ron and Karen!

Let’s start with some of Genevieve’s favorites:


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Mary and Adam’s Engagement Session in Columbus’ German Village

by James ~ September 23rd, 2014

Mary and Adam’s engagement session started off at their apartment which is nestled right in the heart of German Village; a quaint historic district in Columbus, Ohio.  We wandered around the cobblestone streets and shot anywhere that caught our eye, including right next to a vintage automobile owned by one of their neighbors.  He didn’t seem particularly excited that his car was being featured in the photographs even though we never touched it, but it just goes to show that sometimes asking forgiveness is better than asking for permission.  Especially when the resulting image ends up on the client’s wall as a 16×24 framed print.  Hope you guys are enjoying it!


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Katie and Seth’s Wedding at Beechmont Country Club

by Genevieve ~ September 19th, 2014

Some people had paired up Seth and Katie as a good match before the two had even met. The first meeting occurred in a group setting and Seth worked up the courage to talk Katie without much success. It took a little while longer before the two connected and Katie took notice of Seth. Since then, the pair have been inseparable.


In a lot of ways Katie and Seth are opposites but that’s what makes them work so well together. Seth is the calm, kind, thoughtful and quiet one while Katie is the vivacious, talkative, energetic and bedazzling one. The two make a great pair!


Their wedding day at Beechmont Country Club was the culmination of lots of creative energy from of course Katie and Seth but also included:

- floral designs by HeatherLily

- planning by Kim Singerman at Noteworthy Events

- video by Langer Imagery

- reception music by Radio Active


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Ashley and Scott’s Wedding at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

by James ~ September 11th, 2014

One of the best ways to personalize a wedding is to incorporate elements of your history and family traditions into the day, which is exactly what Scott and Ashley did for their wedding.  From the kilts made with Scott’s family tartan (and with no “wardrobe malfunctions” that I’m aware of) to the Church where Ashley was baptized and spent much of childhood, this wedding very accurately reflected their personality and their history.

Ashley’s childhood church,  Mother of Sorrows in Peninsula, is quite possibly the smallest venue that we’ve ever photographed a ceremony in but what it lacked in size, it more than made up for in charm, history and coziness.   The pews were packed wall to wall and I distinctly remember trying to squeeze myself into a corner of the balcony next to the musicians with my knees up to my chin in order to get a clean shot of Scott and Ashley during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we piled into the Rolls and rolled our way down to Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens where we explored the grounds with the bridal party before heading into the manor for the party.

We had a fantastic time with you guys, Scott and Ashley, and thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day!  Congrats!

We’ll start off with some of Genevieve’s favorite images:


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Lisa and Ryan’s Winter Engagement Session in Cleveland

by James ~ September 8th, 2014

Lisa and Ryan’s wedding is fast approaching (as in this Saturday) so I thought now would be a good time to sneak this blog post under the wire in anticipation for this weekend!  It was a cold, rainy January day when I met up with Lisa and Ryan, which should be in stark contrast to the beautiful weather being called for this weekend.  We started off in one of Cleveland’s empty factories left over from the manufacturing boom which provided some great textures and colors to work with then we headed over to the flats where the west shoreway bridge provided some coverage from the rain.

Looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday!


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More from the Nisly Travels in France

by Genevieve ~ September 6th, 2014

One of my favorite parts about travelling is experiencing and viewing the local culture, food, nature, architecture and learning about the history. The southwest of France was a great place to enjoy a lot of variety and not feel overrun with other tourists. I’m thankful we had my sister, her husband and kids to share the experiences with and give us suggestions on things to see and do since they are familiar with the area.

We spent some time at Terrasson-Lavilledieu where the kids also enjoyed an Easter egg hunt before exploring the town.



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Lori and Steven’s Wedding at the Beachwood Doubletree

by Genevieve ~ September 5th, 2014

Lori and Steven met in the most serendipitous way while working for the board of elections. While their careers have now taken them in different directions, that connection made on the job has grown over the past 5 years and has led us to their wedding day.

Steven and Lori had a beautiful summer wedding day with the sunshine making a huge contribution to their outdoor ceremony at Hathaway Brown School were Lori and her sister attended all the way through graduation.  After the ceremony, we headed out for bridal party portraits at Squires Castle before heading to the Doubletree in Beachwood for the reception which included flower arrangements made by her family, a fabulous candy display and cake by White Flower.

Congratulations to you both! May you find a reason every day to laugh together.



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Wedding Albums: Kara and Michael’s Roma Book with Envelope Case

by James ~ August 28th, 2014

Michael and Kara’s beautiful new Roma Book with envelope slip case is ready for its new home!  Kara picked a fantastic combination of materials for her cover and we love the fact that it has a nice, comfy envelope slip case to call home.  Can’t wait for you guys to see it!



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