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by James ~ March 26th, 2015

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Amber and Greg’s Tudor Arms Wedding by Genevieve and James

by Genevieve ~ April 13th, 2015

Amber and Greg originally met in high school but it took another five years before they reconnected and started dating. While they are different in many ways, Amber being outgoing and Greg being more reserved, they also have surprised themselves with how many similarities they have and how those similarities have increased over the past six years of dating.

In planning their spring wedding, Greg and Amber chose a stunning location, the Tudor Arms Hotel, with elegant, timeless and romantic touches! Everything came together beautifully even if the chilly weather kept us indoor all day. After the long winter we’ve had, the subtle pops color was a breath of fresh air.

With photography being very important to Amber, they made sure to give us ample time for photos. This means we got to have fun, try new ideas and locations throughout the hotel.

Thank you for following our work since 2011 Amber! We are thrilled for you and Greg and wish you many MANY wonderful years of marriage! May Greg keep making you laugh daily and you keep experiencing new things together.


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Chase and Danielle’s Wedding at the Westin in Downtown Cleveland – by Genevieve and James

by James ~ March 24th, 2015

Chase and Danielle are the perfect fit for each other.  Chase’s calm, collected, and orderly personality keeps Danielle from “over exerting herself”, as the best man put it in his speech, and Danielle’s exuberant, confident, and outgoing personality keeps Chase from “under exerting himself”.  Alternating weekends of going out to the club and binging on re-runs sounds like a really good way to keep things in balance, and we too are quite glad they never settled and they held out until they found each other.

Their wedding ceremony and reception at The Westin in Downtown Cleveland was the perfect reflection of these two personalities.  Hannah and her team at Kirkbrides Wedding Planning did an amazing job as usual at coordinating a fantastic team of wedding professionals that all worked together to make the day a success.  Elissa and the staff at The Westin, Neil and his team at Neil Leeson Decor Floral, Shout Band, Rock the House and Candy Apple Films all played an integral part in pulling everything together.

Chase and Danielle: thank you so much for making us a part of your wedding.  You guys provided us the time, resources, and most importantly, the attitude and willingness to create images that we are truly proud of and that we hope you and your families will treasure forever.

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Erin and Zach’s 78th Street Studios Wedding by Heather and Jarred

by Jarred ~ March 5th, 2015

Erin and Zach have a funky, colorful and creative style, so the 78th Street Studios SmARTSpace was a perfect fit for their wedding.

We started at Parker Ranch for a first look and portraits, which worked perfectly for their one-venue event.  Seeing each other prior to the ceremony created a solid amount of creative photo time rather than trying to squeeze it in between the ceremony and reception.  We loved the rustic features of the Ranch, it provided the perfect contrast to the industrial feel of the 78th Street Studios.

We moved on to the SmARTSpace for the ceremony and reception, which thanks to Erin’s great DIY work, was looking its best with a theme that really tied together the wedding decor, the flowers and the local art hanging on the brightly colored walls.

We always have a great time working with laid-back, artsy couples, especially when they have a taco bar!  Thanks for having us Erin and Zach and we hope to be back to the SmARTSpace soon!


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Steven and Beth’s Engagement Session in Chagrin Falls

by James ~ February 23rd, 2015

Last fall, I got to meet up with Steven and Beth for their engagement session in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  Beth and Steven are planning a Gatsby-esque” wedding at the Cleveland Museum of Art that we are really looking forward to shooting.  Beth and Steven are both easy going, well educated, friendly people with great tastes for the finer things so we expect this wedding to be pretty spectacular.  Coming this June!


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Nicole and TJ’s Wedding at the Cathedral of St. John and the Hyatt Arcade By Heather and Jarred

by Jarred ~ February 11th, 2015

Heather and I have been friends with TJ for years.  We share the same ridiculous sense of humor, and he and Heather have the ginger connection which, if you don’t know, is a fundamental force of nature.

So when we heard he met himself a nice girl that he wanted to settle down with, we couldn’t wait to meet her!  Nicole didn’t disappoint – she’s smart, hard working but laid back, funny – everything we would want for TJ.  They are hilarious together and we knew right away he found the right one.

They planned a really cool downtown wedding – they got ready at the Hyatt, married at St. John’s, then came back to the Arcade for the reception, but not before stopping at the Corner Alley for a drink!  It was a wet early January day, and we made the most of our indoor locations, but luckily we also had a chance to catch the electric blue sky over East 4th just after sunset.

Thanks Nicole and TJ for having us, he had a great time, and we’re looking forward to grabbing that pizza soon =)


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Wedding Albums – Heather and Patrick’s Roma Book Collection

by James ~ February 6th, 2015

Together with Heather and Patrick, we were able to build a stunning collection of albums for them and their parents form their wedding in Chicago.  The cover and design fits the style of wedding perfectly and we can’t wait to get them in their hands!


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Abby and Adam’s Winter Wedding at the Old Courthouse in Downtown Cleveland by Genevieve and James

by James ~ February 4th, 2015

Abby and Adam’s stunningly elegant wedding at the Old Courthouse in Downtown Cleveland seemed to fit the couple’s personalities perfectly.  Fun, spontaneous, and energetic but with an undercurrent of style and sophistication all the way through.  We started the day at Cleveland’s newest hotel, The Metropolitan at the 9,  where Abby, Adam and their bridal party made their preparations for the day.  The Vault, in the basement of the 9, served as a perfect setting for portraits with the bride and groom before heading over to the Courthouse where the ceremony and reception would take place.

We have shot at the Courthouse many, many times in the past but Pieter Bouterse and his event design team transformed the space into something we had never seen there before.  The draping, lighting, and floral arrangements created an intimate and inviting space and when you add some of the best farm to table food in Cleveland From Spice of Life Catering Co. and Tricia Dever of Always Eventful to keep everything headed in the right direction, and you have one incredibly memorable party.

Congratulations, Abby and Adam!  We had a great time with you guys and we can’t wait to show you what we have.  Below you’ll find a sneak peek of the good stuff.

We’ll start of with some of Genevieve’s favorites:


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