3rd Place Grand Imaging Award – Professional Photographers of America

by James ~ February 2nd, 2016

A few  months ago, we got a somewhat cryptic call from some at Professional Photographers of America that one of the wedding albums is one of finalist for this year’s Grand Imaging Award and that we really should try to attend the awards ceremony in Atlanta this past January.  They wouldn’t tell us where our album placed, just that we really should try to attend.  We weren’t quite sure what to make of it so we waited until the very last minute to decide to just send me (James) down to represent the both of us and to see what happens.

We really didn’t expect much to come of this considering how amazing some of the other finalists were, but much to our surprise, our names were called for the third place award!  Thanks to my new friends Ron and Gwen, I have a few iPhone photos from the awards ceremony to share.ppa-grand-imaging-award-2016-nisly

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Chris and Jen’s New Year’s Eve Wedding at the Metropolitan at the 9

by Jarred ~ January 19th, 2016

Heather and I were super excited about the idea of a New Year’s Eve wedding at the Metropolitan at the 9 – the excitement of the wedding, the holiday, and the styling of the hotel coming together for a surreal evening.

Maria Kovacevich from Elegant Events by Maria put together a great plan which allowed for a rooftop first look, Vault photos, a beautiful Mint Ballroom ceremony and reception, and we even found time to visit the world’s largest outdoor chandelier in Playhouse Square!

It was a great party C&J, we had a lot of fun, we hope you love the photos!


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David and Kristen’s Winter Wedding at the Union Club

by James ~ January 8th, 2016

2015 was another fantastic year here at Genevieve Nisly Photography, and we couldn’t have been happier to close out the year with Dave and Kristen and their families and friends at their sublimely beautiful wedding.

The ceremony took place at the historic Saint John’s Cathedral in Downtown Cleveland, after which we headed over to East 4th St. where we were able to create some wonderful portraits of Dave and Kristen and their bridal party.  It might not look like it, but the wind had a pretty good bite to it, so once the cold got to be too much, we found shelter at the Union Club where the reception would later follow.  There are few better indoor locations for photos in Cleveland and the Club’s decorations, combined with the floral decor Blooms by Plantscaping provided, mad the place even more inviting and warm to be in.

David and Kristen were just a pleasure to photograph with their, outgoing, and kind demeanor and they made us feel so welcomed and appreciated on the wedding day.  We have a lot of great stuff to show you guys, Dave and Kristen, but here’s a taste of some of our favorites to hold you over until the we have everything prepared.  Enjoy!


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Dan & Jennifer’s La Pizzaria Wedding by Heather and Jarred

by Jarred ~ December 24th, 2015

Dan and Jennifer, like all December wedding couples, were hoping for snow.  As you know, we didn’t get it, but like I told them – if we can’t have snow, 55 and sunny is a nice alternative!  We got to enjoy an unusually pleasant day with a great couple who are obviously a perfect fit for each other.

Despite not having the snow to work with, the twinkly Christmas ceremony lights and the unobstructed winter sunset worked together to create a warm glow that works great with the blues of the wedding and really brings the photos together.

We had a great time working with you D&J, we have no doubt that you have an awesome future ahead of you.  We hope you love the photos!


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Sarah & Jason’s Wedding at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel

by Genevieve ~ December 16th, 2015

It all started when Sarah’s sister introduced her to Jason, whom she worked with at the hospital. It took a few years and they may have hit a few bumps along the way. Eventually however, the road led to this day, their wedding day and what it day it was!

Jason and Sarah were both very involved in planning their Cleveland Renaissance wedding from NYC. Jason might actually be one of the more involved grooms we’ve seen.  He seemed to enjoy the planning process and helped Sarah in making choices and bringing her vision come to life.

Some other key people that helped tie everything together were Jaci at the Renaissance, bridal consulting by Eileen, flowers from the Greenhouse Florist, music by the Avenue, makeup by Maggie Kleinman and hair by Hayley at Studio H (who went above and beyond). What a wonderful team it was to work with!

Sarah and Jason: from the first hug as mere strangers to the final hug on your wedding day, it has been a fabulous time getting to know you both! May these images of your wedding day just be a small glimpse of your wonderful journey ahead. Mazel Tov!

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Sara and Ian’s Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Cleveland

by James ~ December 3rd, 2015

When Sara and Ian first started hanging out in New York City, it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to sports.  Being a diehard baseball fan, it only seemed natural for Sara to ask Ian, who grew up in New Jersey, if he goes to a lot of Mets games.  As it turns out, he has been to a lot of Mets games.  Partly because he’s a fan, sure, but also because he happens to work for the Mets in their front office.  This keeps Ian pretty busy, of course, which is why when it came time to choose a date for the wedding, his one request was for it take place in November so that there would be no chance of it conflicting with a Mets campaign into the World Series.  Since this request came in at the start of the season, I’m sure this request earned him more than a few dismissive comments, but as we now know, it turned out to be a really good idea.

But regardless of what time of year the wedding ended up being, Sara and Ian planned an absolutely stunning wedding in Sara’s home town of Cleveland at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  The mood was fun yet elegant with just enough floral decor from Pieter Bouterse Studio to give it some real sparkle without making it seem over the top.

There was a bit of chill in the air, but the weather cooperated enough to allow us to set off on foot from the hotel with Sara and Ian for creative bridal portraits around the city.  We were able to hit some of Sara’s favorite spots such as East 4th St. and the Cleveland Public Library before heading back to the Ritz for the Katubah signing and ceremony.

We’re really excited about some of the images we were able to capture and create for Sara and Ian and we can’t wait to share them.  Below is a selection of some of those favorites.  Enjoy, Sara and Ian!


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Jim & Katie’s Gervasi Wedding at the Villa Grande by Heather and Jarred

by Jarred ~ November 24th, 2015

We’ve worked at Gervasi quite a few times now – arch ceremonies, big tree ceremonies, pavilion ceremonies and receptions, Crush House receptions – and just when we thought we had seen it all, we met Jim and Katie, who were planning a Villa Grande ceremony and reception!  We love situations like this – familiar enough to be totally comfortable, but with a fresh twist to keep it interesting.  We loved the warm and intimate feel that the Villa Grande provided, and would definitely recommend it for weddings of this size.

Fall foliage peaks out at the second or third week of October, and although it was chilly, they decided to brave the temperature to take advantage of the beautiful color everywhere.  It made for great photos, and a beautiful ceremony.  The natural tones worked perfectly with the villas and wedding details to create a cohesive and almost surreal color palette for the day.  It’s rare to have an opportunity to photograph something like this, and we are really happy to have been a part of it.

Thanks for having us J&K, we hope you love the photos!

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John and Jen’s Wedding at St. John’s Cathedral and the Holden Arboretum

by James ~ November 19th, 2015

Weddings are always about families coming together to form a new family, but that has rarely felt as true as it did for John and Jen’s wedding.  As exciting as it was to see John and Jen each gain a spouse, it was equally exciting to see John’s son, Jack, gain a mother, and to see Jen gain a son.

The day started with the ceremony at St. John’s Cathedral in Downtown Cleveland, officiated by John’s close friend and Priest to his home parish.  We then headed over to The Greenhouse Tavern for some photos where John and Jen enjoyed their first date, then right outside the Cleveland Clothing Company where they had their first hug.  We love it when couples are able to work personal elements of their relationship’s history into their wedding day and we were really glad that John and Jen decided to incorporate those into their day.

We then headed off to Holden Arboretum where we were able to head out for some photos in the fall colors before the skies opened up and unleashed all sorts of mayhem.  Arne and his team at Blooms by Plantscaping did an amazing job decorating the tent and the food from Spice Catering was second to none, as always.  I’ll admit to being a bit skeptical about the band, Disco Inferno, when I first saw them come on stage with their costumes, but their air tight performance, pitch perfect harmonies and infectious energy had me sold by the end of the night.

John, Jen, and Jack, thank you so much for making us a part of your day; it was truly our pleasure to capture it for you.  We have a lot of great stuff to show you, but in the meantime, here’s a section of our favorites from the day.


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